Treasure  Hunters

Field Guide


The Treasure Hunters Field Guide is a toolkit for expanding your own Bible study.  Learn strategies to dig deep into Scripture and find hidden gems in the Word of God!   The Field Guide is not it's own study but teaches many skills and strategies to apply to any study you are doing!

Included in your Field Guide purchase:
 TH Field Guide disc-bound journal
  • Self-fill table of contents
  • Study Badge Legend page explaining study strategies
  • Study Badge Bookmark to mark your place
  • 308 Study Badge Stickers to customize journal pages
  • 70 double-sided pages for journaling = 140 pages for writing!
 Access to the private TH Field Guide section of the website with 4 video tutorials and teachings.
Access to the private TH Field Guide Facebook community for ideas and support.



Access to UtB course included with purchase of Field Guide!