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Hey guys!  We’re Jenny and Kim


Two sisters, both Spanish teachers, both lovers of the Word of God, and nerds to the core. We’ve spent over 20 years learning how to teach students to dissect languages, to investigate the cultural, historical and geographical facts and to observe their effects on a region.  You may be wondering…”So, how is that going to help me understand the Bible better?”  Well, here’s how our expertise comes into play—we know how to teach you to learn to dig into the original languages the Bible was written in (Psssst…the Bible wasn’t written originally in the KJV), to examine the historical and cultural contexts of Scripture, and to recognize how you personally may learn and hear from God.  We love to teach the HOW to study, even more than the WHAT to study.  It’s something like “Give a man a fish, feed him for a day.  Teach a man to fish, feed him for life.”  

We have served in various teaching capacities in our local church body.  While we were co-leading the young adult ministry, God birthed Treasure Hunters from a group of young women sitting around the table, eating pizza and talking about wanting to study the Bible.  So, we met for 3 and a half years, every other week.  We started in the beginning and made the journey to the edge of the Promised Land.  Yes, we actually studied out the whole Pentateuch, including the laborious Leviticus (Which if you’ve never done so, please do.  It gives you such an appreciation for the once-and-for-all sacrifice Jesus made for us). From those early days, we never dreamed what would grow from it.  We treasure that time, and the nuggets we found together as a group, not to mention the lifelong friendships we made.  

We’re currently focusing on building resources for the ministry.  Within the last few years we’ve assisted with training other teachers in the church, and have taught the Understanding the Bible class and the Life of Jesus class for the United School of Ministry.  Teaching teachers to teach and learners to learn are some of our main passions.  And there is no better subject matter than the Word of God!

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