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Understanding the Bible course

  • A Treasure Hunter's Guide to Understanding the Bible  course is designed for participants to come away with a love for scripture, a deeper confidence in their ability to rightly divide the word of God and explore God’s heart for man from Genesis to Revelation.  The beginning is dedicated to laying a foundation of the Word and how to approach it.  Then we investigate how God pursued and pursues His people through different seasons.  Our journey takes us to the Garden of Eden, the Wilderness, the Mountain, the Exile, the Cross, the Upper Room, His Kingdom on earth and Eternity--a return to Eternal Eden for His people.  Join Jenny and Kim as we pursue our Great Pursuer, the Lord Almighty!   

    Understanding the Bible Themes include:

    • Bible Background

    • Learning our Lens

    • The Power of the Seed & The  Importance of the Soil

    • The Great Pursuit: The Garden

    • The Great Pursuit: The Wilderness

    • The Great Pursuit: The Mountain

    • The Great Pursuit: The Exile

    • The Great Pursuit: The Cross

    • The Great Pursuit: The Upper Room

    • The Great Pursuit: His Kingdom on Earth

    • The Great Pursuit: Eternity 

    The UtB course is housed on our website in the members area and is a digital course.    Be sure you sign up as a site member to be given access to the course members area! 

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