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Will You Be My Valentine?

On a day that’s full of poems, ruffles and roses, many sit in a cold, lonely, dreary day wishing to fast forward to tomorrow.  As I lay here reflecting on bitter Valentines past, I am so thankful for the years of sweetness (I love you, Scott Ratliff). But I can remember the heartache of longing to be known and loved in spite of all my junk.  I wrote in my journal to God asking what He thinks about Valentine’s Day. I know it’s not really some deep theological question, but I like just talking to Him about my everyday nothingness and whatever comes to mind.  I think He likes it too. I thought you might like to eavesdrop on our conversation…  

So, Lord, do you see today as a Hallmark holiday like many do? Do You think it’s some silly, made-up scheme to make a profit on exploiting love?  Or a way to manipulate to get material things and physical needs?  I think we put so much pressure on others to prove they love us, and maybe even more on ourselves to prove we’re loved. What do You think, Jesus?  

He didn’t really answer my question about the day itself.  But He got to the heart of it…

For God so loved the world that He gave His One and Only Son that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life–John 3:16.

Whether you feel loved and adored down here on earth, surrounded by chocolate wrappers and rose petals (or golf balls and buffalo wings for the fellas out there) or not, you are deeply valued and treasured by the One who created you.  He selflessly loves you–even if you never return His affection, He is still passionately pursuing you. No one on this earth can ever love you like that. Will you be His valentine? Or will you reject Him, hoping for someone or something better to come along?  

For so many years, I unknowingly rejected His attempts. I preferred others over Him, even my own family.  (In case you didn’t know it, you can love your husband, wife or kids more than you love God). I can’t imagine how I must’ve hurt Him, but He still reached for me patiently. I pray I never waste His love again, that He’s always my first Valentine. 


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