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Permission Slips

Today is the first day of school for my oldest two. It’s always bittersweet (except for kindergarten, then it’s just bitter). Because by the time August comes around, you can tell by the bickering that the boys need a little alone time, even if that means in a classroom of 25. Lol.  August and September are full of forms to fill out, open houses, and class supplies. (Side note: not all teachers love all things apples.  Just a random fact I thought might help out your school year.) After that first bus drove off, I dug in to the scriptures with my adult school supplies in hand (Bible, COFFEE, pen and notebook). I’m such a calendar/event Bible student. I love reading on the topic that corresponds with the season or event. I can’t help it; it’s the teacher in me.  The Lord knows this about me so this morning He led me to a scripture about my kiddos being taught.

All your children shall be taught by the LORD, And great shall be the peace of your children. Isaiah 54:13 NKJV (emphasis mine)

I’ve read this verse so many times before. Sometimes when we think we know a verse or story, we don’t look at it with fresh eyes. (I shouldn’t say “We”, maybe it’s just me that does that.) I started reading it to myself verbatim…”taught OF the LORD”, which is the King James Version. But in my Bible (New King James Version) and other translations it says taught BY, not OF. That little word changes the meaning significantly, in my opinion. It changes WHO the teacher is. In my verbatim version, it’s me, or their dad. Which of course, in Proverbs 22:6 we are told to train up our children in the way they should go… I’m not saying we don’t have that responsibility. But this verse is an additional promise that God, Himself, will teach our children. I can’t think of a better teacher, can you?!

But sometimes I don’t care for His instructional methods. Sometimes He takes us on field trips and hands-on learning activities. There are some topics I’d rather my kids just read about in a text book. How about you? I put myself in the shoes of the 3 Hebrew boys’ mother. “Um, Teacher Jehovah, are you sure you want to take them into the fiery furnace on a field trip?” Or if I’m Israel, I’m not signing the release for Joseph’s science excursion to the pit, because I’m only seeing the danger and not the benefit. If I’m following my own desires for them, I’m not signing that permission slip. Lol. But some subjects can’t be learned any other way but by experiencing them. And more important than learning the topic, is learning the Teacher. How else can they learn that He never leaves us or abandons us, unless they experience loneliness or rejection of some sort.  UGH… right?

As parents we have to surrender our babies to the Lord. And that’s not easy. It requires trust. It takes a confidence in knowing that He loves them way more than we ever could. It also requires us to be teachable as well. We will have a hard time granting Him permission over their lives if we don’t grant Him permission to teach us first. Ouch. These words hurt a little this morning. BUT we’re getting to a good part, so hold on:).

The next part of the verse says…. AND (which connects it to the prior sentence) great shall be the peace of your children. Sigh of relief!!! It brings me peace knowing that my kids will have GREAT peace. Great in Hebrew means abundance, plenteous, exceedingly, mighty. That word peace in Hebrew is shalom; it means safe, well, happy, friendly; health, prosperity, peace, favour, rest, wholly. To put it in our president’s lingo…It’s gonna be huge peace (“youge” come on, you know you wanna laugh. Lol) It’s a great deal for us as parents. Doesn’t mean its easy to relinquish control. But control is deceptive. We really can’t create a perfect little bubble world for them, no matter how hard we try. But God can hold them and mold them and make all things work for good. So parents, let’s get those permission slips signed!


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