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The Lap of God

This past week my two babies (For those that don’t know, I have two sets of “babies”.  “The Boys” are Josh and Ben, 11 and 9 years old. “The babies” are Jack and Brady, 3 and 2 years old.  Yes, we named them J, B, J, B.  Truth is, it wasn’t intentional.  For those that know me, know that I’m not really a planner.  So this is completely believable.  LOL.  Anyways… Back to my babies…. Jack and Brady have been extra cuddly and I’m eatin’ it up.  Not sure why, but I love it.  Unfortunately, they’re growing and my lap isn’t quite big enough to hold them both at the same time.  So they’ve been struggling with each other and fighting for my attention.

During one of these moments, I had the thought that we adults can do this same thing when it comes to God’s lap.  We think that we have to compete for God’s space and attention.  But here’s what I love about Him.  He is the only Perfect Parent; He can love on us all at the exact same time, not showing anyone more love than the other.  We’re all His favorite for different reasons.  His lap isn’t finite, isn’t limited by space, or time.  He doesn’t have to get up from His Heavenly throne to do chores—He can keep on cuddling me personally right as He’s answering a nation’s prayer.  None of His children are turned aside to care for another.

With having four kids, often I have to prioritize the immediate needs of them all and there’s almost an unspoken list.  It’s kinda like a waiting room…. Now, nothing’s wrong with waiting.  It’s good to learn to wait patiently and expectantly.  But we don’t have to wait our turn for God’s attention.  He can give each of us His undivided focus without showing favoritism over His other children.  We all get to be His favorite.

When you see another brother or sister getting close in God’s lap, don’t feel left out.  Don’t take it as rejection or favoritism.  Just throw both those arms up and say, “Me too, Daddy!”


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