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Prayer Bombers

In the past, I’ve struggled with prayer — it’s been more of an “I should pray” thing, rather than “I get to” pray. And then I felt like I had to pray about my attitude about having to pray…don’t judge! But God is so good that He’s been changing my heart about it. Now instead of dumping my prayer list on God like a big chore list (because everyone loves getting those), I now ask Him who or what are WE praying for today. It’s a conversation, not a monologue. And I ask Him for some proof that I was praying in the right direction and He’s such a good friend and shows me (oh me of little faith). It’s an honor to get to pray WITH Him, not AT Him. I’m usually a better talker than a listener, so I’m definitely still a work in progress. But seriously, if your prayer life has been drudgery, start to pray WITH Him…. I’ll be driving down the road and see someone walking and I’ll ask God what to pray for them. I’ve always had parents, family, somebody praying for me, but there are some who have no one to cover them in prayer. Not anymore!!! If you see a gray minivan driving down the road, you just may have been prayer bombed. Let’s build an army of prayer bombers. I never want to take getting to talk WITH God lightly anymore.


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